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Stone products.

Ban Thung Cloth Weaving Group


Ban Tha Chanuan Bamboo Weaving Group

products from reed and bamboo such as reed mats, bags and baskets

Sombat Ketthawon

Hardened clay lamp and vase

Tambon Bang Yilon Housewife Group

Selling rice snack with dry shredded pork.

Thung Met

Selling cushions.

Fa Chi

Selling basketry.

Bai Ka Pho Fan Village

Producing and selling fan from Bai Ka Pho: local tree in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Ruam Chai Phattana Group

Selling silk.

Tiang Mani

Selling jewerly.

Mu Yong Mu Phan


Nakhon Thai Textile


Phra Si Mahathat Temple Souvenir Shop


Kha Nom Aroi

Selling Chinese cake and Mochi

Ban Khru Darun

Selling products from powder.

Pa Hat

Selling banana baked with honey, Thai sweet made of grains and sugar etc.

Mae Am Phai

Selling banana jam and Thai dessert.

Hill Tribe Local Handicraft Center.

Located at hill tribe village for tourism.

Hill Tribe Silverware Handicraft Center

Selling silverware made by Yao hill tribe.

Kat Thung Kwian)

A local market for multi purpose and local goods

Wiang Yong Handicraft Village

Cotton products made by the villagers.

Si Mueang Yu Weaving Group

Hand made weaving

Ton Phayom Market

Northern food.

Khamthiang Market

Flower distribution.

Ban Thawai

Wood craving center.

Na Pho Handicrafts Center

Thai silk products

Nong Cha-om Fruit Market

Fruit products.

Ban Si Than Pillow Village

In Si Than Village, Yasothon, most of the villagers will make the pillow besides rice planting.

Ban Huai Huak Sticky Rice Basket Village

Produces the durable sticky rice basket.

Ban Khong Sawan Pottery Village

Produces the pottery by traditional process.

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