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Che Kim

Sweet tamarind and Kaempferia wine

Mueang Loei OTOP

Local products

Pik Mai

Food and souvenirs

Mueang Loei Pha Fai

Cotton, silk and Thai Loei fabric

Damrong Phanit

Kunchiang Chinese pork sausage, Mu Yo - preserved minced pork and tea from mulberry leaves

Mai Thai

Silk and local fabric

Sai Pan Pha Thai

Silk and local fabric

Chateau de Loei

Food, souvenirs, and OTOP products

Samruai Mai Thai

This shop sells only Thai silks.

Yun Mai Thai

This is a souvenir shop about the local textiles.

Ad Mai Thai

Selling only Thai silk


Dessert and souvenir shop

Charoen Si

Silk products

Than Samai Mu Yo

Isan pork sausage

Kap Ngoen

Thai Silk


Thai Silk

Phrae Mai

Thai Silk

Village Weaver Handicrafts


Mum Ngoen Thai Silk

Thai Silk


Seafood products

Che Noi

Seafood products


Food products and handicrafts


Seafood products

Ban Samet Ngam Mat Group

Selling mat from Kok tree: local tree

Suriya Kaenchan

Selling handicraft.

Mae Wanna

Sells souvenirs, local products and jewelry

Mae lam Yai

Selling souvenir from Chanthaburi.

Bunchai Thurian Product

Selling products from durian.

Ton Tam Rap

Selling mat and famous souvenirs. Open at 08.00am to 08.00pm

New Port

Selling tropical fruit jam and spices.

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