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Ban Tha Rabatís Rural Industry Development Project

Selling pottery. Open at 09.00am to 05.00pm

Ban Noen Kham Cloth Weaving Group


Chai Nat Ceramic

Selling ceramics. Open at 07.00 am to 06.00pm

Ancient Thai Khrang Hand-woven Textile Museum

Hand-woven Textile

Ban Tha Chanuan Reed Mat Group

produce the mat made of reed.

Amnat Aiamwilai

Artificial Flowers and Trees

Suan Lamyai Housewife Group

Herbal Shampoo Products

Tha Sai Housewife Group

Selling herbal products

Suan Chitlada Royal Souvenir Shop

Open at 08.00am to 08.00pm

Nakhon Sawan OTOP Exhibition Center

In The Nakhon Sawan transport company limited. Open at 08.00am to 08.00pm

Ban Mon Pottery Shop

Selling potteries.

Product of Tan Tanot Group


Ban Chan Sen Thai Silk Association


Marble Handicraft Association

Produce and selling marble handicraft.

Ban Map Takhro Textile Center


Mae Ku Lap

Produce and sell Chinese cakes, Mochi, and other Thai dessert.

Bueng Boraphet OTOP Exhibition Center


Sa Kun Dao

Produce and sell Mochi and Chinese cake.

Mae Am Phai

Selling Chinese cakes and Mochi


Produce and sell Mochi

Chun Peng

Produce and sell tasty tomatoes , preserved fruits.

Chan Suwan

Selling Mochi and souvenir

Tang Peng Heng

Selling Chinese sausage, preserved pork and dry shredded pork.

Big Boss

Mochi and Chinese cake.

Chula Bakery

Selling milk Chinese cakes.

Kamphaengphet Marble Handicraft

Selling products made by marble.

Ban Phran Marble Handicraft

Selling products from marble such as clock, altar etc.

Borirak Thai

Selling Thai silk and local handicraft.

Miang Cha Kang Rao

Selling Thai dessert.

Nakon Cha Kang Rao Local Product and Tourism Center

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