A: The Thai Travel Mart is the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s official online portal and system. It offers information and services relating to marketing support and promotional activities provided to agencies, organisations, and businesses in the tourism industry of Thailand. The website also serves as an online application portal, where businesses may register for events, which are organised by TAT or in which TAT participates as the representative of Thailand; namely, trade shows and roadshows.

A: Go to www.thaitravelmart.com. Registration is free of charge for any tourism business with a business license.

A: Business owners or representatives in Thailand’s tourism industry, who run any of the following businesses: hotel, restaurant, spa, tourist destination, tour operator, travel agency, transport company, tourism organisation, booking portal, and system provider.

A: If you realised that there is some information you filled in wrong, or you want to update the information after you have registered as a member of www.thaitravelmart.com, you need to contact a TAT officer to ask for updating the information.

A: When your membership approaches expiration, we will send you a notification e-mail and a data check sheet. Please follow the accompanying instructions. Your membership will be renewed automatically upon the receipt of your new certified business license.

A: Payment can be made via cash, bank transfer, or cheque in Thai Baht only. Payment must be made within 15 days of receiving an invoice.

A: The registration fee, as well as participation details, differs according to the event that you would like to participate. More details are available on the main page of each event.

A: If you cannot remember the correct password, go to www.thaitravelmart.com. Under the “Log in” menu, select “Forget password”. The system will send an email to the registered e-mail address.

A: If the contact person for a forthcoming event is not the same person as the one registered in the “Create an Account” step, you can fill in the new name when you are applying for the event. Or if you want to update the register person in the “Create an Account” step, please contact a TAT officer to ask for updating the information.

A: On the main page of each event on www.thaitravelmart.com, you will find the details of the event and a directory of participating sellers. You can then learn more about each seller from its official website.

A: On www.thaitravelmart.com, details are provided on the main page of each event.

A: Becoming a member of www.thaitravelmart.com to access and register to TAT’s events is free of charge. You can register right away once you have a tourism business license as is required.

A: The number of participating delegates for each event differs determined by the TAT event organiser before the registration is open. For more information, please visit the main page of each event on www.thaitravelmart.com.

A: On the main page of each event on www.thaitravelmart.com, you will find the details of the event as well as a directory of participating buyers. You can then learn more about each buyer from its official website.

A: A tax receipt will be issued using the details provided under the Payment Details section in the registration form. The receipt will be sent to the provided address.

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